Bob Breu, Guitar
On Lead and Rhythm Guitar, Bob Breu, comes to us from Faribault, Minnesota
where he has played in numerous local bands his entire career. Bob is a
guitarist who gives more of a Blues/rock style edge to his playing. He adds a
wonderful gritty style to the music of Jimmy Famous and the Payback. Bob
brings his unique style and incredible energy and expertise to the band.
Music career spanning from 1969 to the present, Bob has played many genres.
In 1988 Brooklyn released an EP(Can you Hear Me) with 4 of Bob's tunes.
Brooklyn Toured the upper Midwest 88-89, to support the release of their EP.

List of some Artists/Bands Bob has previously/currently played with .....
69-73        Ivory Pillars - 50's, 60's and 70's rock
74-76        Stone Creek County - Featuring Curt Schultz, Country 50-60's/Blues/Rock.
74-75        Bob Rose Band - Good ol' Rock and Roll/Blues/Country
77-80        Leon Olson Show - Country/Rock/Old time.
79-81        Epitath - Progressive Rock
81-89        Brooklyn - 80's Metal/Pop Rock
84-89        Chaser - 80's Metal/Pop Rock
89-92        Mr Peabody - Everything above
93              Leon Olson Show - Country/Rock and Old time
01              Mr Peabody - Everything above
08-10        BruCru - Southern/Classic Rock/Blues
10-12        Michelle Jamison Band - Blues/Rock
10-12        2une - 80's Rock
12-14        Billy Club Snyder and the Snitch Boys - Funk/Blues/Soul/Rock
12-16        Function Junction - Motown/Blues/Funk
15-16        Bluesgate-Hedge Stone - Motown/Blues/Funk
16-            Good Foot Express - Funk/Blues/Soul/Rock
16-           Jimmy Famous - Blues /Rock

Bob's Gear
Guitars - Gibson/Framus/705/PRS
Amps - Goodsell/Dr Z/PRS/Fender/Klown/Marshall
Pickups - Gibson/Seymour Duncan/Dimarzio/Fender Custom/Porter
Outboard - Wampler/Dunlop/EarthQuaker/Catalinbread/AMT/Boss/Seymour Duncan
String - DR/Ernie Ball
Bob Breu
Bob Breu
Bob Breu
Bob Breu