Jimmy Famous, Vocals / Harmonica
Born in Chicago, Illinois.
Teen years were spent playing drums with "The Sparks of Light" 2 time
winner of "The Greater Chicago area Battle of the Bands". The Sparks
featured a great 5 part vocal harmony.
Jimmy has played drums, guitar, bass and harmonica in numerous bands
"Hands Down South" Blues Boogie Honky Tonk. San Diego, Ca
"Trisha and the BluesHounds" Blues. San Diego, Ca
"The MumbleBugs" Original Blues, Minneapolis / St Paul area.
"ZONE 4" Rock. San Diego, Ca.
"Furious George aka Plan B" Rock. Minneapolis / St Paul area.
"Wolves at the door" Rock. Minneapolis / St Paul area.
"Elbow Room" Jazz. Minneapolis / St Paul area.

Jimmy is also playing bass guitar in:

Time & Again a crowd-pleasing, dynamic and spirited 5 piece dance band
playing a variety of, 50's,60's, 70's, 80's, 90's.and current popular artists.

Some venues Jimmy has played at:
Famous Dave's, Minneapolis, MN
The Belly Up Tavern, San Diego, Ca
The Casbah, San Diego,Ca
Brick by Brick, San Diego, Ca
Winstons Beach Club, San Diego, Ca
The Ruby Room, San Diego, Ca
The Seven Grand Whiskey Bar, San Diego, Ca
San Diego County Fair, Del Mar, Ca
Whiskey Junction, Minneapolis, Mn
The Purple Cow, Chicago, Il
The Factory and The Forge, Millwaukee, Wi

Jimmy's Gear
Microphone vocals - Shure Beta58A GLX-D wireless
Microphone harp - Bulletini (BlowsMeAway productions)
Effects - Lone Wolf Blues Company (Harp Shield, Harp Break)
Amplifier - Quilter 101
Speakers - 12" Canabis Rex and 10" Lil' buddy by Eminence
Jimmy's fist band "The Sparks of Light"