Bob Breu, Jimmy Famous, Tim Press, Mark Zee and Dean Milinkovich
at the Hat Trick Lounge, St Paul MN  May 19th 2017
Bob Breu
Hands Down South at the Seven Grand Whiskey Bar
Jimmy Famous (Vocals / Harp), Jimmy Dean (Keys),
Richie Orduno (Guitar), Dirty Steve (Bass), P-Dog Purtee (Drums)
Zone 4 at Brick by Brick  San Diego, CA
Jim Popeney (Guitar / Vocals), Jimmy Famous (Guitar / Vocals)
Deacon Moore (Bass), Dave Granillo (Drums)
Jimmy's on Fire
The Furious George Band - Bret Johnson (guitar),
Jimmy Famous (bass), Steve Buckman (drums),
George Dziki (Guitar / Vocals)
Bob Breu
Bob Breu
Wolves at the Door at Whiskey Junction
Nikk Wolfe, Crash, Kai Ulrica, Jimmy Famous and Roger Brewin.
Bob Breu
Jimmy Famous at the Casbah San Diego