Jimmy Famous

Photo by: Jake Jacobson

Jimmy C. Jankowicz aka “Jimmy Famous” is originally from the west side of Chicago (Cicero, IL). He currently plays many instruments, but his first was drums. He now plays guitar, bass, piano and harmonica as well. “I didn’t pick up the harp until I was 50 years old,” says Jimmy. “And I knew that if I wanted to play harp in a blues band, I’d have to sing, too.”

Jimmy moved to Minneapolis in the early 70’s, and then moved to Arizona for a time. He eventually settled in San Diego for 30 years and played with a band called Hands Down South. He now lives in New Richmond, WI. “I moved to Wisconsin to be closer to some family members,” he says “And thankfully, my children have all followed me here.”

While in San Diego, Jimmy was asked if he would be interested in being in a movie. His friend knew of a role that was being cast for a movie called “Mind Forest.” Jimmy went to L.A. and got the part of the “recurring ghost swordsman,” and thus, the name Jimmy Famous became a thing. “I got to strangle actress Lauren Maher, ” he says. “She’s the actress who played Scarlett in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.” One of Jimmy’s songs, “Time After Time,” was also used in the movie.