John Wickstrom

Photo by: Jake Jacobson

John grew up in Minneapolis and started playing guitar at age 17. His first band played school dances. From 1980-1985 he played all over the Twin Cities with Milwaukee Slim & the Kingsnakes. “Slim’s real name was Angelo Chambers,” says John. “He was known as ‘the singing bus driver’ due to his day job. He had a really engaging stage presence. We had a pretty big following of blues fans in the early 80’s, especially at the Artist’s Quarter. We packed ‘em in every time!”

John also played with Dave McRae & the Blues Exchange for a short time, and then The Sonny Rodgers Band from 1985-1990. John played on an album of Sonny’s called “They Call Me the Cat Daddy,” featuring a single called “Cadillac Baby” b/w “Big Leg Woman,”. It ended up winning the W.C. Handy Award in 1990 for Single of the Year. 

John’s favorite blues musician of all time is Little Walter, and his biggest guitar influence is Robert Lockwood Jr. When he’s not playing guitar, John enjoys spending time at his lake property and hanging out with his springer spaniel.