John Amann

Photo by: Jake Jacobson

John grew up in Mankato, MN and got his start in music playing guitar in 7th grade. He switched to drums in high school, but went back to guitar after getting kicked out of the high school band for interrupting class. He joined his first band, Detonator, in college. “We played hard rock and pop,” says John. “They’d pay us to leave!” His next band, The Slack, had more success. The lead singer was a former offensive lineman for the MN Gophers. The band played everything from Ed Sheeran to Bad Company, and opened for Blind Melon and Smashmouth at Aquafest in Rice Lake, WI. He also played in a band called 80’s RPM.  

One of John’s favorite musicians is Magic Sam. “I like that authentic, real sound,” he says. “And in this band, it’s fun to be in a room with older, wiser people. I asked some of the other guys why they chose me when I auditioned, and James said ‘Because you listened.’ I ran from the blues my whole life, but now I feel like I’m home.”