Dave Dayton

Photo by: Jake Jacobson

Dave was born and raised in Manhattan, KS. He started playing drums at age 14, joining the marching band and playing Dixieland and swing in the high school jazz band. After receiving a physics degree at Kansas State University and a master’s in statistics from the University of Georgia, he settled in California, spending 10 years in San Francisco and 10 years in Vallejo. While in California, Dave played in an alternative rock band called Busman’s Holiday.

Dave is mostly a blues cat now; he’s a big Magic Sam fan, and also likes Eddie Taylor. “I like the old stuff,” he says. “Those guys have the most to unlock. And blues music offers a defined genre where everyone can meet. But it’s incredibly difficult to play drums in a blues band the right way. You have to be steady, but the music also has to swing. It’s a personal challenge that I enjoy.”